About POSH Child Magazine

POSH Child Magazine was born in 2015 in a home, on a white couch, in the South-South Carolina to be exact.  Now our Headquarters are 6,000 square foot, employing Bloggers, Photographers, Videographers, and Media Artists.  POSH Child knew there was a need for a modern, professional, well put together, and trendy magazine that would be enjoyed by moms, dads, models, photographers, and fashion lovers from all around the world. In its “newborn” stage, POSH Child quickly started to blossom and bloom.  The pages of Posh started traveling in not only a digital version, but also in print to several countries from around the globe.  One amazingly good thing about POSH Child, is the love for a professional publication and professional events to go along with it!  In less then a year, POSH Child put on its first fashion show and modeling convention: The SOCIETY Child Fashion Show.  Our goal is to bring an A-List production through light, staging, and our industry leading video production, so we can introduce these kids to the real working world and prepared for the future.  POSH Child believes in bringing industry professionals to models and families of all skill levels giving them real insight into the child modeling and fashion world.

More About Posh Child Magazine

POSH Child offers contests to the public, scouting for the newest, most unique, and exceptional faces of children ages 18 and under.  The contests are about fashion, themes, and everything in between.  Be sure to check out our contests here, for more info: Contests

About the Style of POSH Child Magazine

POSH Child Magazine loves anything fashionable that pushes the boundaries and grabs the eye!  POSH Child is always on the look out for the next trendsetter, mini fashionista, stylish moms, and out of this world photographer’s editorials!  POSH loves things that are about fun, fashionable, quirky, and everything being sprinkled with magic.

About our Adventures

POSH Child is always up for an adventure! In just the first year, we traveled to some amazing destinations for contest and fashion show winners, and editorials.  Puerto Rico, London, Charleston, and Aruba and Machu Picchu coming later on too for destination adventures.  Our love for adventure and fashions is one of the keys that makes POSH Child a step above the rest.  We want to discover this amazing world by traveling to places all over the world and documenting every step of the way through our professional in-house media team handling the video, interviews, and more.  We hope you’ll be in our #poshfam and join us in all the adventures to come.. <3