Welcome to POSH Child Magazine – a place where child models, talent agencies, child fashion designers, and fashion photographers come together!  Our goal is to provide an environment that breeds physical and mental growth through our SOCIETY Child Fashion Show, and our magazine.

Here at POSH we are committed to building opportunity for new and experienced child models, and are continually coming up with new ideas and directions.  Currently we offer an easy way for everyone to get their child in front of the leading child talent agencies through our photo contests, that are judged each and every month by child model industry executives.  With that said, if you are looking to broaden your child experience and learning from the best teachers within the modeling world, be around the best production and child fashion show in the industry, or give your child the ability to be signed onsite, our SOCIETY Child Fashion Show is your number one tool!  Just at our past show, we had 36 Callbacks which resulted in 14 being signed, and an untold new memories and experiences being formed.

Bottom line, we love kids, and we are using our resources and connections to bring industry executives to you for increased exposure, experience, and learning environment.